About Us​​

At Nimblefincorp, we acknowledge that handling your finances can be overwhelming, especially when you're focused on running your business. That's why we're here – to assist you in streamlining the process through our skilled accounting services. We specialize in providing the best outsourced accounting services for small businesses in India, Australia, UK, Canada and the USA.

Our virtual bookkeeping services cater to a range of industries, including e-commerce businesses, startups, medical and dental practices, legal firms, and construction companies. Additionally, we provide virtual bookkeeping services tailored for small businesses, rental property income and expenses, and various other financial management requirements.

Trust us to handle your financial management, so that you can concentrate on excelling in running your business.

We're all about delivering top-notch quality with a smile!

NimbleFinCorp is a trusted partner for outsourced accounting services for small businesses. Our work philosophy revolves around productivity and a calm work methodology. We prioritize transparency, accuracy, and consistent communication, ensuring that you have access to our team for any inquiries.

At NimbleFinCorp, we specialize in providing virtual bookkeeping services and strive to stay updated with the latest industry trends and advancements. We are dedicated to understanding your business needs or individual requirements and streamlining the delivery process accordingly. Moreover, we are flexible in adapting to your preferred tools, processes, and methodologies, as we have full confidence in our unique selling proposition (USP).

​ Hierarchical Organizational Structure
 Licensed Accountants
 Quick Response Time
 Secure network infrastructure
 Dedicated IT support
 Client-centric approach

Delivery process of our outsourced accounting services


NimbleFinCorp focuses on building client relationships with clear and straightforward communication. And for this, we speak with clients to learn and understand their business and the challenges faced by them in the accounting area.

In-Depth Business Analysis

NimbleFinCorp believes in being the best accounting partner for clients. So after talking to the clients, we audit their business processes which help us to devise the perfect solutions that can assist them in managing the business efficiently.


After we have known our clients and understood their businesses, we implement the best process that is suitable for their business. Our implementation process is based on extensive research and ideas shared by the team.

Weekly Updates

As part of our virtual bookkeeping services, NimbleFinCorp keeps clients informed about every report; hence, we offer daily, weekly, monthly, and biweekly reports. Our biweekly reports help clients resolve their issues and vice versa. We also deliver clients with monthly balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and cash flow statements.

After-Service Support

If our clients have any queries regarding our systems and processes, we are always happy to assist them. To ensure a smooth process, we also do not hesitate to connect with our clients and ask them about the queries that we have.

Our team is our pride

We strongly believe that our core competency lies in our team. The omniscient team at NimbleFinCorp possesses great prowess in outsourced accounting services & bookkeeping services. Our personnel has all received the necessary training and qualifications. Each NimbleFinCorp team member undergoes a rigorous process that assesses their educational history before being confirmed as a part of the NimbleFinCorp team.

We vouch for our team’s excellence because everyone is a certified accountant, certified Quickbooks expert, certified Xero expert and has all the necessary certifications. We always believe in working legally and ethically; hence, we encourage our team to complete the required certifications for all the different tools.

At NimbleFinCorp we work with jollification and simultaneously, we go on outdoor picnics twice a year. We are also committed to fostering a caring atmosphere for which our employees get benefits, such as government-mandated leaves and medical insurance coverage, to mention a few.

Nikita Makwana

Introducing Nikita, an adept Senior Accountant at NimbleFinCorp with a master's degree in commerce. Committed to building a successful career in accounting, Nikita brings a dedication to continuous learning and a passion for taking on new challenges. With a strong focus on family values, Nikita finds motivation in the love and support received, aiming for a secure and fulfilling professional life. 

Disha Hiranandani​

Meet Disha, our dedicated Executive Accountant at NimbleFinCorp, currently pursuing a master's degree in Commerce. With a commitment to gaining expertise in accounting, Disha strives for a harmonious balance between personal and professional life. Beyond the numbers, Disha finds joy in expressing creativity through canvas paintings and capturing moments through photography.

Matri Vyas

Meet the CEO of NimbleFinCorp, bringing over 8 years of extensive experience in accounting and taxation. With a passion for music and traveling, she has collaborated with various CPAs and business owners, elevating her expertise in managing financial complexities. With a solution-focused approach, she has played a pivotal role in assisting numerous businesses to enhance their accounting practices and navigate taxation challenges successfully.

Haiya Patel

Introducing Haiya Patel, an accomplished Accountant at NimbleFinCorp with an MBA in Finance. Haiya is dedicated to continuous growth in the finance sector, bringing expertise and enthusiasm to the team. Beyond numbers, Haiya's passion for cooking and dancing adds a dynamic flair to her well-rounded professional profile. With a belief in staying calm and solution-focused during emergencies, Haiya exemplifies resilience and a composed approach in challenging situations.

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